Mission Statement

We strongly believe that one of the most important factors in our success has been our dedication to fulfilling our mission statement, which we have defined as:

Wong Mui & Chiao LLP is in business to make a significant difference for our clients. We specialize in guiding our clients through changes and cycles to greater and substainable financial health and achievement. Our clients get unbeatable expertise, services, integrity, reliability, innovation, and the kinds of personal attention hugh firms don’t offer and small firms can’t give. We are experienced business professionals, trusted financial advisors and outsourcing accountants. Our clients are people and firms who, with us, forge their needs and our expertise and services into a winning financial team.


Whether you require individual tax planning or an audit of your company’s financial statement, need to secure financing, structure a merger, or meet another business challenge, Mui & Chiao LLP can help you achieve your goals.

Intested in our service?

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