Multinational Family

Typical Client

  • Newly immigrated family
  • Family with one spouse as a US person while the other is not
  • Family with dual nationalities
  • Nonresident family has children attending schools in US
  • US persons who have expatriated or planning to be expatriated

Hot Issues

  • Personal US tax reporting
  • Foreign asset disclosure
  • Investment planning in US


In order to address the needs of our clients in this field, these are some of the services that we offer to them:

  • Pre-immigration planning:  We will work closely with your immigration attorney prior to your application or arrival to US in terms of the most efficient tax structure
  • We will advise and help you plan on different structure for holding investments in US.
  • We will advise and prepare your US tax returns; including income tax, gift tax or estate tax returns.
  • Avoid being trapped to become US resident for US tax reporting purpose

Intested in our service?

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