High Tech

Typical Client

  • Usually in the early start-up phase.
  • Founders of these companies are usually scientists, researchers or web developers.
  • They want to spend their resources on product development and establishing sales channel.
  • They want to spend very limited resources on finance and administration.
  • They may need to seek angel funding, seed money or venture funding.
  • They may require to publish periodic financial reports to outside investors.

Hot Issues

  • Choice of business entities – This has tax impact on income generated by these professionals. Each case might be slightly different but whether they should carry on business as a proprietor, partnership or corporation.
  • What is the burn rate?
  • Revenue per headcount?
  • Do you have a sound business plan and financial model?


In order to address the needs of our clients in this field, these are some of the services that we offer to them:

  • Prepare business plan and financial modeling.
  • Setting up or reviewing financial infrastructure to make sure that the clients have enough controls and procedures in place for proper recording of transactions.
  • Our Remote Review service usually fits well with clients who just starts their practices or have an in-house bookkeeper to handle the daily transactions.
  • Our Controller Service is ideal for those who have a few professionals and we can take care of all the books and records including billing and collection. In this case, usually the professionals are more interested in spending their time to grow their practice and they want to leave the books and records to someone like us that they can trust.
  • Our CFO Service is suitable for clients who are already using our Controller Service or have in-house bookkeeper and seek more advanced financial modeling, strategic planning and budgeting.
  • We also offer other outsourcing service like human resources outsourcing, stock administration and etc.
  • On selected occasions, we also help clients to locate funding.
  • Check with the IRS audit guide for the high tech industries.

Intested in our service?

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