Typical Client

  • Foreign investors about to seek US Green Card through EB-5 or L-1 programs
  • Foreign investors recently received US Green Card, conditional or unconditional through one of the above program
  • EB-5 regional centers
  • Immigration attorneys who have clients that need US tax planning and advice.

Hot Issues

  • How should I report my income overseas?
  • Do I need to disclose all my foreign holdings and how?
  • Which family member should apply for Green Card ?
  • Should I give up my Green Card ?


In order to address the needs of our clients in this field, these are some of the services that we offer to them:

For immigrant investors:

  • Pre-application or immigration consulting to advise on
  • Post Green card tax planning
  • Income Tax planning
  • Estate and Gift tax planning


For EB-5 Regional Centers:

  • Outsourced accounting service
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Provide tax consulting services for limited partners


For Immigration attorneys

  • Assist in address US tax questions from mutual clients
  • Ensure mutual clients fulfill and in compliance of US tax reporting requirement


Intested in our service?

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