Typical Client

  • These professionals are usually computer programmers, software developers, and and other professionals.
  • They may operate as a proprietor, partnership or corporation.
  • They chose to be independent contractors to be more flexible and command a higher compensation.

Hot Issues

  • Choice of business entities – This has tax impact on income generated by these professionals. Each case might be slightly different but whether they should carry on business as a proprietor, partnership or corporation.
  • Independent Contractor Vs. Employee issue
  • Time and Billing System
  • Tax planning – This does not only have immediate tax consequences but also future effect.
  • Retirement Planning


In order to address the needs of our clients in this field, these are some of the services that we offer to them:

  • Tax planning on choice of business entities to minimize the tax bite.
  • Retirement and financial planning so to make sure that the clients are fully aware of all tax-deferral mechanism to build up their portfolio for future investment and retirement.
  • Setting up or reviewing financial infrastructure to make sure that the clients have enough controls and procedures in place for proper recording of transactions
  • Our Remote Review service usually fits well with clients who just starts their practices or have an in-house bookkeeper to handle the daily transactions.
  • Our Controller Service is ideal for those who have a few professionals and we can take care of all the books and records including billing and collection. In this case, usually the professionals are more interested in spending their time to grow their practice and they want to leave the books and records to someone like us that they can trust.
  • Develop a time and billing system so that our clients can maximize their billing potential.

Intested in our service?

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